Special Board Meeting “Forward in Fourteen” minutes and ideas attachment

Board of Trustees Special Meeting Minutes
Forward in Fourteen
January 27,  2014 10 AM
library meeting room
Attendees: Forest Hayes, Chair; Peggy Smith, Ron Birkle, Martha Hayes, Ada Almgren, Ted Almgren, Herlene Rich, Carlotta Grandstaff, Terry Cook, Veryl Kosteczko, Barbara Ackerman, Wendy Campbell, Judy Estler, and Lee Nelson

I. Welcome. Forest started meeting at 10 AM
II. Introduce Guests. Guests were introduced. Ron Birkle was thanked for his service as Chair of Library Trustees. Sue Birkle was also recognized for her outstanding volunteer service including serving as Volunteer Coordinator for the library.
III. Meeting Objectives
A. Current Fiscal Situation- Forest stated that we showed approximately 19,000 at the time of our last meeting with a projected monthly operational cost of @ $7,500.00. As discussed at last board meeting, Wendy sent letter to Glenda Wiles prompted by Nancy McKinney. Forest sent letter to Greg Chilcott on January 14th . The library received 28,920 on January 17, 2014.
B. Current Financial Situation
i. Forest recognized help/assistance of Town Clerk McKinney stating that Wendy and Nancy worked together, with Nancy suggesting the town assist library from reserves temporarily if needed. Forest also shared that the fire department was willing to use cash reserves for temporary support if needed. Forest discussed library situation with Darby City Council and Mayor Brian Bridges. There was a consensus that reserves could be used if needed and returned when tax money through the county was received.
ii. Forest talked about our financial projection. Ron shared information about receiving revenue.
iii. Barbara shared financial information from Bitterroot Library comparing all revenue. Forest also distributed financial information comparing tax revenue from our three county libraries.
iv. Barbara explained that carryover funds were created from extra building money when the library was constructed. Now the extra building funds have been used, but carryover money is still necessary. Ron reminded group that we do not receive significant tax revenue until after first installment of property taxes are due in November. Ted recommended we change the way we identify the money needed to support the library each year until November, as the term ‘carryover’ may be misunderstood. Veryl added that we need to present our situation in language the general public will understand.
C. Forward in Fourteen
i. Brainstorming Ideas were listed and discussed. Brainstorming list is attached.
ii. Community member said Darby did not want this library. It was also stated that our community cannot support growing this library.
iii. Wendy said she will post brainstorming list and minutes on library website.
IV. Adjournment- Judy moved, Ron seconded, and meeting adjourned at 12 PM. Next meeting scheduled for February 24 2014.


Ideas generated during Brainstorming session of Special Meeting

10th year celebration
• community partnership to sponsor celebration
• party for community asking for community to help by bringing items

Budget recommendations
• consolidate effort of Friends and Board to focus on financial situation
• develop a contingency budget with revenue from taxes excluding donations if increase in revenue does not materialize.
• breakdown budget to fixed expenses and what percent supports personnel what percentage of budget used per each person
• ongoing regular staff training especially computer technology is needed now and in the future
• Create Retirement Fund Simple IRA with Darby Distribution or Town as model
Public Awareness
• public meetings will not work so personal presentations to community groups is necessary with a steady stream of information out to public.
• make information easy to understand for public
• powerpoint presentation created to take to all groups with graphics and simple language to build awareness
• Make public aware that library employees do not have benefits such as health insurance, retirement benefits.
• Set up information table at events in summer and throughout year. Increase exposure to library by having a game/event at popular events
• Review website use. Request link from those websites to which we link.
• Increase patron health literacy through nationwide network for patrons by including link on our website.

Revenue Ideas
• Charge a library card fee for patrons located outside district.
• Discuss creating an endowment fund or legacy type fund and ask Diane Rupert-Thomas for assistance.