January 9, 2014 minutes

Board of Trustees Meeting
Thursday,  January 9, 2014
10:00 A.M.
Library Community Room

Attendees: Forest Hayes, Chair; Lee Nelson, Judy Estler, Barbara Ackerman, and Wendy Campbell served as secretary.

I. Call to Order: Forest called meeting at 10:01 AM
II. Introduce Guests: Lee Nelson was welcomed as a representative of the Friends of the Darby Library
III. Approval of Minutes for December 12, 2013 Meeting: Barbara moved to accept minutes as written. Judy seconded. December minutes were approved as written.
IV. Financial Report
A. Balance: Wendy reviewed with board
B. Receipts and Expenditures: Wendy reviewed with board and discussed Thrivent donation and accounting expense. Sidewalk maintenance will remain at Repair and Maintenance line in Facilities as it was not a capital expenditure.
C. Approve Bills: Barbara moved to accept claims as presented by director. Judy seconded. Bills were approved to be paid as presented.
V. Director’s Report
Wendy shared list of library activities and programs as requested by Forest. Forest discussed need for this list to share with board and community. Wendy asked for board’s review and suggestions.
VI. Board agreed by consensus that Montana Study Group could be moved into main library if number of participants exceeded meeting room capacity provided director was present.
Barbara shared information about SAT practice as well as interest in additional practice tests for the future.
VII. Correspondence Wendy shared letter emailed to Glenda Wiles that was discussed with Forest and Nancy, our town clerk. Committee Reports
A. Materials Selection: Information shared in Director’s Report
B. FODL: Lee Nelson said it was helpful to participate in the board meeting. The meeting and financial statements have helped her to better understand the financial support that is needed for the library’s operations.
VIII. Old Business
A. Updated Policy Approvals: Postponed until next meeting because copies were not available. Wendy will copy and distribute revised policies at next meeting for approval. Barbara presented updated policy for organization page in the Library Board Policies Introduction. Wendy will type, copy and distribute this page also so that all updates may be voted on in February. Wendy and Barbara will continue to review policies from Section G onwards. Judy will start updating from section z in the Policy Manual and move in reverse so all policies may be updated.

B. Future Planning meeting: Meeting scheduled for January 27th at 10 AM To prepare for the meeting, Forest asked trustees to look at the approved budget for our fiscal year to determine whether money will be available for carryover at year’s end. Forest stated that Wendy will need to share information with community groups about present library work and financial need. Barbara stated that we need money to continue the library’s excellent performance instead of money to increase services. She restated that we need money to maintain our services. Given our present financial situation, a reduction in staff and operation hours was discussed. Barbara added that the best way to do this is to close at least one full day and cut back substantially.
Forest stated that for future planning we need to let people know how much will be needed from our taxpayers. A discussion of many different options ensued.
Wendy will put up a public notice of date and time for Future Planning Meeting.

IX. New Business
Interim Financial Strategy: Forest asked about the strategy we will take if we do not receive our tax money from the county this month? Barbara suggested that we investigate a loan from the bank or discuss temporary financial support with Friends of the Darby Library

X. Adjournment Forest adjourned meeting at 12 PM