Library Account Set up




Open the library’s home  page  at:

Click on “My Library Account” (right column)

Enter your barcode number (no spaces) OR ALT I.D. (CAPITOL letters) Enter pin number & then click  “LOGIN” Default pin is CHANGEME

From this new  screen, cialis usa patient click  on “My Library Account” (top grey bar) to:

review your account, cialis renew materials, hospital change  your PIN number, or notify us of a change  of address/phone number.

Review My Account

This brings up a summary of your record. Click on either option to bring up a detailed list of materials checked out to you  (with due dates) or items on

hold  for you.

Renew My Materials

To renew an item select the box next to the title, then click  on the light blue bar at the bottom that says “RENEW SELECTED ITEMS.” It will  then bring up a screen with the new  due date (or if for some  reason it did not renew, it will give  you  a reason.)

User PIN Change

To change  your PIN number, enter your new  PIN number in the appropriate box. Then re-enter it and click  on “CHANGE PIN.”

Change My Address

To change  your address, fill in each box with the new  information and click on “SEND.”

Search for an Item and Place Your Own Hold

1.    Go to Home  Page, enter title name, author, etc. in “Search for” box.

Click category of search below  box.

2.    A list of items will  appear.

3.    Once item is found, click  on either the picture of the item or the title

(blue letters) for more details.

4.    Once full details appear, if you  want the item, click  “Place Hold”

5.   If you  have  not already logged into your account: Fill in the “USER ID” and “PIN” boxes. If you  are unsure what these numbers are, ask a librarian.  (Note: If you  are already logged into your “My Library” account, this step will  not be necessary.)

6.    On the next screen, click  on “Place Hold” again, UNLESS you  want to

suspend your hold  temporarily due to vacation, etc. If so, click  on the calendar icon and select dates.

7.    Next screen, review the information; if correct, click  “OK.”

8.  Once the item arrives at the Library, you  will  be notified by phone  or email.  *E-mail notices are sent from the following: