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Darby Community Public Library Board of Trustees
April 9, tadalafil viagra 2015
10 AM in the library meeting room
Attendees: Barbara Ackerman, medicine Vice-Chair; Lisa Poe, Judy Estler, Lee Nelson, and Wendy Campbell. Forest Hayes and Ted Almgren were excused.

Quorum was met to conduct business.

I. Call to Order- Barbara called meeting to order at 10:04 AM
II. Introduce Guests- Barbara introduced Lee Nelson as invited guest and representative of the Friends of the Darby Library

III. Approval of minutes from regular board meeting March 12, 2015- Judy moved to approve minutes. Lisa seconded. Minutes were approved as written.
IV. Financial Reports
A. Receipts and Expenditures- Wendy reviewed all financial reports.
B. Approve Bills and Claims Lisa moved to pay bills. Judy seconded. Claims were approved by board.

V. Directors Report Questions and Discussion-Director discussed frequent personal use of library business phone by patrons after school. Director stated that she is limiting these personal calls, and asking patrons to only use the phone for emergencies.. Director also discussed the use of laptops as items that circulate within the library. Following the rules for circulating materials, laptops may be checked out by patrons in good standing.

Lee volunteered to take any remaining weeded books on bookstore sidewalk to the recycling center where she works. Barbara stated that books on sidewalk be removed after 1-2 weeks following a weeding project.

Wendy will add a line item under Administration for substitute assistant so that money for staff coverage is available to hire an outside substitute for library work when in house substitute is unavailable. This followed director proposal to discuss sharing substitute library staff with the Bitterroot Public Library. Wendy will discuss the proposal with the Bitterroot Library Director at their next meeting on April 23rd.

Board agreed to director’s request for a board member present at FODL meetings and FODL representative present at board meetings. Board will request representative from FODL for the upcoming year. Barbara will attend the next FODL meeting and board will choose a board representative to attend FODL meetings for the next year. Barbara will share the intention of the board to work with FODL sending them our approved minutes each month and request that board receives the monthly FODL minutes. Barbara will also ask Friends if they would take the role of lead organization in promoting the mill levy to the public.

VI. Correspondence – Preliminary Budget Hearing scheduled for May 18th with Ravalli County Commissioners

VII. Old Business
A. Reference Check Form- Barbara presented with Judy’s corrections. Barbara suggested that director take responsibility for reference calls. Judy said that she was willing to help if needed. Lisa moved to approve the volunteer reference check form. Judy seconded. Board approved.Barbara will send electronic copy for Wendy to distribute to board and board book.

B. Wendy will add a graph about library funding to the library informational display that currently shows increases in library usage.


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. Mill Levy Timeline and Schedule for Mill Levy Campaign- Lisa suggested Paula Nelson may have a complete list of all groups in the area. Timeline for scheduling presentation to groups and library talking points will be created after Barbara talks to the Friends. Wendy will schedule with town council to place the mill levy increase request for resolution at their May 12th meeting. She will contact the commissioners to request that the board proposal for mill levy increase be added to the May 18th County Commissioner’s meeting agenda.

D. Tamarack Federation Meeting on May 15-16 Ada, Ted, and Wendy will attend.

E. Community Egg Hunt- Judy commented that all went well with 40 dozen hard boiled eggs and many plastic eggs.

VIII. New Business
A. Upcoming Board Position and office of Chairperson that will need to be filled in June was discussed.

B. Media Equipment, Circulation policies have been discussed and will be presented for vote next month. Barbara will look at Materials Selection Committee policy and present for discussion Wendy will look at policies to determine best place to add a policy requiring a Volunteer Reference Check for all future volunteers.

IX. Committee Reports
A. Landscaping-Wendy will display the Lawns Etc sign at entry doors. Wendy will request that Nate turn on water for library when he does so for the town.
B. Operational- no report
C. Used Bookstore- no report
D. Citizens Advisory- no report
E. FODL- FODL will participate in 50 mile garage sale in lieu of Garage-a-rama. FODL will provide board and library with revised by-laws for their records. Wine Event was discussed.
X. Public Comment- Lisa commented that she has been impressed with the variety of books available at our library. She said that the director was doing a good job of selecting materials for the library. There were no public comments.

XI. Adjournment Barbara adjourned meeting at 11:49 AM.
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