Library Board Minutes September 10, 2015

Darby Community Public Library
Board of Trustees Regular Meeting
September 10,  2015 at 10 AM

Attendees:Forest Hayes,  Chair; Ted Almgren, Lee Nelson, Ada Almgren, Choo Turner, Judy Estler, Veryl Kosteczko, Lisa Poe, Barbara Ackerman, Denise Benson, and Wendy Campbell

I. Call To Order- Forest called meeting to order at 10:03 AM. Post Mill Levy Statements moved to the first item on agenda.

II. Board members and Friends reviewed the post mill levy statements making final edits. Judy moved to approve the statements as revised. Barbara seconded. Board approved as revised. Ted agreed to serve as official representative to the election on September 15th.

III. Approve Minutes
A. Regular board meeting minutes August 13, 2015-. Barbara moved to accept minutes as written. Judy seconded. Board approved.
B. Special board meeting minutes August 31, 2015. Ted moved to accept minutes as written. Lisa seconded. Board approved.

IV.. Financial Reports
A. Receipts and Expenditures- Director reviewed financial reports with board members.
B. Approve Bills and Claims- Judy moved to pay bills and claims as presented. Ted seconded. Board approved bills and claims as presented

V. Directors Notes Discussion- Board scheduled next month’s board meeting for 9 AM on October 8, 2015. CenturyLink security breach was discussed. The steps taken to resolve and prevent future security risks were discussed.

VI. Correspondence-Wendy shared donation letter information including request for online payment options from donor.

VII. Old Business
A. Employee Manual Update- Wendy will meet with Lisa and Judy to begin the revision of the employee manual..
B.. Tamarack Mtg. Emergency Succession Plan. Ted moved to purchase safe deposit box to store important library documents. Barbara seconded. Board approved. Director will purchase safe deposit box for library at Farmers State Bank
C. Inventory of library contents for insurance policy – Wendy will send insurance inventory.
D. Volunteer Dinner-Special Thank you to Ted for making ribs for the entire group. Board discussed increasing food including more fruit salad and other sides. Ted will also make more ribs next year.
E. Director Evaluation Procedure- Forest discussed evaluation with board members. Judy suggested using a rating system of 1-5 for each item on the Director’s goals, with 1=poor and 5= excellent.
Closed session will follow regular meeting in October at which time members will discuss their individual evaluations. The board will schedule a special meeting to conduct evaluation with director.

VII. New Business
A. Payment Options for Donations to Library- Judy discussed a third party processing option for online donations that she shared by email. Judy stated that a 4.5% processing fee will be assessed for each donation using the third party. Judy will continue to investigate.
B. Foundation Director Presentation at the Bitterroot Library- Board and FODL expressed interest in the presentation.

VIII. Committee Reports
A. Landscaping- no report
B. Operational- no report
C. Used Bookstore- Ada said four new book shelves inside the bookstore are being installed. Four new book shelves are also being installed outside the store in the hall way.
D. Citizens Advisory- Veryl was asked to talk to Northwestern Energy about a solar option for the library similar to the system installed by NorthWestern Energy at the Council on Aging building. Veryl agreed to investigate this for the library.
E. FODL Forest shared a big thank you for the efforts of the Friends to bring mill levy information to the community.
IX. Public Comment- Barbara shared information about health workshop being offered by Catholic Church in Hamilton.
Barbara will give Wendy flyer to post at the library.

X. Adjournment- Forest adjourned meeting at 11:58 AM