July 9, 2015 Board meeting minutes

Darby Community Public Library
Board of Trustees Regular Meeting
July 9,  2015 at 10 AM

Attendees: Forest Hayes, Chair; Ted Almgren, Lisa Poe, Denise Benson, Judy Estler, Veryl Kosteczko, Barbara Ackerman, and Wendy Campbell

I. Call To Order- Forest called meeting to order at 10:05 AM

II. Approve Minutes June 18, 2015 meeting- Judy moved to accept the minutes as written. Barbara seconded. Board approved June meeting minutes as written.

III. Financial Reports Forest asked to put any remaining monies into a Capital Maintenance Reserve Cash Account for emergency needs after estimating operating costs for the first five months of the fiscal year. Ted asked Wendy to find out from Nancy the process for using additional funds. Wendy will determine amount needed for operating until taxes are received.
A. Receipts and Expenditures- Wendy reviewed with board members.
B. Approve Bills and Claims Judy moved to accept the claims as presented. Lisa seconded. Claims were approved to be paid as presented.

IV. Directors Notes Discussion- Wendy reviewed notes, annual statistics, and program evaluations.
Forest added that Wendy needs to input file name and add logo to the annual statistics as it is a public document. Comments on program evaluation spreadsheet will be addressed at next meeting. Public Library Standards were reviewed. Chair Forest Hayes signed documents and Wendy will send to the state library. Barbara will review employee policies and work with director to make changes.

V. Correspondence- no additional correspondence was received.

VI. Old Business
A. Materials Selection Committee policy- Barbara moved to accept and approve the revisions to the policy as distributed at the last board meeting. Ted seconded. Board approved revised Materials Selection Policy
B. Friends of the Darby Library and Library Board of Trustees Memorandum of Understanding will be tabled until final copy is received from Friends Board.
C. Mill Levy Information- Denise shared the Mill Levy Vote Yes Timeline for board information and reviewed timeline with trustees. Wendy will work with Denise to print board approved mill levy outcomes and charts as soon as they are approved by the Office of Political Practices in Helena. Forest asked that docs include a date with approval from Political Practices office listed.

D. Off-site tutoring space for suspended Darby School students- Judy moved that Board continue to support tutoring in the library meeting room with unacceptable behaviors handled on an individual basis. Barbara seconded. Board approved off-site tutoring for Darby School students barred from campus.

VII. New Business
A. Preliminary Budget FY 2015-16 discussion- Board reached consensus that Wendy will use this as a guide until a budget is approved
B. End of Year 2014-15 review and discussion-Completed as part of Financial Reports
C. Emergency Succession Plan from Tamarack Mtg.-Ted reviewed policy. Board will read and return with comments at next board meeting. Ted will review Background Check information to present at next board meeting. Wendy will include on the agenda.
D. Poet Laureate Request for Presentation- Board stated that this is not in our budget. There is no money in education or programs or work time available to seek a grant. Gathering and disseminating mill levy information is the library focus at this time. Wendy will contact poet to thank her for considering a presentation at the library, and inform her that the library is not in a position to provide this program.
E. Political Practices Advice- Forest contacted Mary Baker and she responded that she would help us as needed. Wendy then contacted Mary and sent our documents to her for approval. Forest also stated that it is acceptable for us to spread information at the banquet. Judy stated that she will provide information about the levy to the volunteers and staff at their meeting on July 29th. Wendy will contact Mary and find out if she has had a chance to look at the documents.
F. Library Inventory for Insurance Policy-Wendy will continue work on this using Ted’s information and suggestions.

VIII. Committee Reports
A. Landscaping-Forest will work with Job Corps to complete weeding and landscaping project to improve grounds.
B. Operational-Ted will put four dimmer LED floodlights in the meeting room. Ted explained that when tightening bolts they are to be finger tight. Ted will check the bolts. Ted will investigate door hardware for staff entrance.
C. Used Bookstore- Ted will serve as board contact for bookstore. Barbara will serve in Ted’s absence.
D. Citizens Advisory- Veryl has been asked why the library needs a mill levy because it seems to be running well. Ted said she should share that currently the library is operating on 30 % donations.
E. FODL – The Winefest is scheduled for Thursday, September 3rd at the Coopers Ranch from 6- 9 PM.
IX. Public Comment- There were no public comments.

X. Adjournment- Forest adjourned meeting at 12 PM