Regular Meeting March 12, 2015 10 AM

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The Darby Community Public Library maintains an Adult Fiction Collection with general fiction, pilule mystery, and science fiction, an Adult Non-Fiction Collection, Biography, and a Large-Print Collection including both fiction, non-fiction, and biography.  In addition, the library maintains a designated Montana Collection with fiction, non-fiction, and  biography as well as a Western Collection of fictional works. An Oversize Collection consists of both fictional and non-ficitonal works.

Young Adult Collections include fiction, non-fiction, and biograpy and our Junior Collection for children through pre-teens is the place to find all children’s non-fiction and a fiction collection of chapter books.

Young children can find picture books and easy readers in the children’s room as well as books with CD.

Finally, Audiobooks and DVD‘s for all ages are available for borrowing.

To find the material you seek, use the online catalog or ask a librarian.  For a map of our collections, click here.

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January 9, cialis buy sovaldi 2014 board meeting minutes

January 27, viagra sale ailment 2014 Special Board Meeting “Forward in Fourteen” minutes and attachment

February 12, 2014 board meeting minutes

March 13, 2014 board meeting minutes

April 7, 2014 board meeting minutes

May 8, 2014 board meeting minutes

June 12, 2014 board meeting minutes

July 8, 2014 board meeting minutes

August 14, 2014 board meeting minutes

Special Board Meeting September 2014

September 11, 2014 board meeting minutes

October 9, 2014 board meeting minutes

November 13, 2014

December 11, 2014

January 8, 2015

February 12, 2015

March 12, 2015
Darby Community Public Library Board of Trustees
Regular Meeting March 12, cialis generic 2015 10 AM

Attendees: Forest Hayes,  Chair; Ted Almgren, Ada Almgren, Veryl Kostezko, Judy Estler, Barbara Ackerman, and Wendy Campbell.

I. Call to Order- Forest called meeting to order at 10:02 AM

II. Introduce Guests- no guests were present.

III. Approval of minutes from regular board meeting February 12, 2015. Barbara moved. Judy seconded. Board voted to approve minutes.

IV. Financial Reports
A. Receipts and Expenditures. Wendy reviewed financial reports with board members.
B. Approve Bills and Claims Judy moved. Barbara seconded. Board approved claims to be paid.

V. Directors Report Questions
Wendy will edit Media Equipment policy to include community group equipment use for board to review for Policy Revision.

VI. Correspondence
A. Request to purchase picture of moose behind circulation desk. Barbara, the donor, suggested a purchase price in excess of $900. Barbara added that the painting could be sold as part of a fundraiser event. Forest said it would need to be declared as surplus if we intend to sell the art.
B. Lisa Poe’s appointment approved by County Commissioners-Forest commented on the positive spirit of the letter.

VII. Old Business
A. Reference Check Form evaluation- Barbara shared her draft of the Volunteer Reference Check Form for volunteers. Barbara asked for all to review as library policy.
B. Library Designation: Forest has discussed the situation with the town and they support our decision to remain as public library at this time in response to the State Attorney’s opinion. Forest drafted a letter for town and county that he shared with board to review. Wendy will make revisions, board members involved will sign, and letter will be sent next Monday. Ted moved that draft letter be approved as corrected. Barbara seconded. Letter approved by board. Letter will nullify previous decision of February 12, 2015 meeting to become a library district.
C. Mill Levy Amount-Ted distributed revised draft proposal for board review. Ted will revise with board changes and distribute clean copy to board.
1. Discussion of mills to be levied- Ted expressed concern that the three mill amount will only address our immediate needs; however, it will not project needs over the next five years. Director stated that the projected amount needed was 4.5 mills based on the proposed mill levy budget she presented to the board some months ago [November 2014].
Board discussed mill levy amount to seek in order to run the library.
2. Decision for amount of mills to be levied: Judy moved that we request three mills be levied. Barbara seconded. Forest recommended allocating funds from current or future budget for simple retirement in the amount of $4,000. Board approved 3 mill levy increase to be taken to the electors with approval from town and county.

D. Timeline and schedule for mill levy campaign: Judy asked that timeline and schedule for mill levy campaign be created at next meeting. Forest shared with Barbara that we need to go before town and county commissioners. Forest suggested that entire board be present to request formal resolution from the County. Veryl recommended that we send county and town background information. Ted requested that Wendy contact Glenda Wiles to set up meeting with commissioners in order to present proposal and answer their questions. Board members were asked to bring any graphs and background information for town and county presentations to next board meeting.
E. Tamarack Federation Meeting and board representatives- Judy and Barbara cannot attend Tamarack meeting. Ted and Ada will go to the Tamarack meeting

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VIII. New Business
A. Excellence in Library Services Application was completed by board. Wendy will submit application to the state library.
B. Distribute evaluation of current library services with question to evaluate director: Board members did not think the questions would be helpful. Director has been evaluated by survey of library volunteers.
C. Easter Egg Hunt: All are needed to bring 2 dozen hard-boiled eggs to Judy on April 1st. Ada will put sign on reader board. Dick Estler will help with set-up. Ted will get ropes and signs. Wendy will get flyers to community.
D. Table to present library information offered to us at the Coalition Potluck. Wendy was asked not to present any information concerning mill levy. She will take charts showing increase in library use and flyers to promote library events.
E. Student Disciplinary Form and Library Expectations: Ted moved that Wendy use the described procedure at the library. Judy seconded. Board approved. Board requested that library expectations form be sent home with family when child gets a library card or uses the library.
IX. Committee Reports
A. Landscaping- Forest stated that he has trimmed the shrubbery. Forest has recommended that irrigation be started in April.
B. Operational- will be discussed at next meeting.
C. Used Bookstore- will be discussed at next meeting.
D. Citizens Advisory- will be discussed at next meeting.
X. Public Comment- There were no public comments.
XI. Adjournment Forest adjourned meeting at 12:20 PM