Darby Library Board Minutes February 2015

Darby Community Public Library Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting

February 12,  2015 10 AM


Attendees: Forest Hayes, Chair; Wendy Campbell, Ted Almgren, Veryl Kosteczko, Lisa Poe, Judy Estler, Ada Almgren, Lee Nelson, Louise Massey, and Barbara Ackerman

  1. Call to Order- Forest called meeting to order at 10:00 AM
  1. Introduce Guests- Forest introduced our new trustee nominee to those in attendance stating that on February 19th , Lisa Poe will be formally recommended to the county commissioners for approval.

III.  Approval of Minutes

  1. January 8, 2015 Regular meeting. Judy Estler moved to accept minutes as written. Ted Almgren seconded.  Board approved minutes from regular meeting.
  2. January 29, 2015 Special meeting. Judy moved to accept the minutes as written. Ted seconded.   Board approved special board meeting minutes.
  1. New Trustee recommendation to be presented to County Commission February 19, 2015 by Forest Hayes.
  1. Financial Reports
  2. Receipts and Expenditures- Wendy reviewed  financial records with board members.
  3. Approve Bills and Claims- Wendy reviewed claims. Barbara Ackerman moved bills be paid.  Judy  seconded.  Board approved claims and paying of bills.
  1. Directors Report- Wendy discussed donations received in memory of Lila Daw totaling $175, an update on emergency computer work completed by Brian Bridges . Barbara shared information about the recent SAT  practice at the library. Following Ted’s inquiry, Wendy discussed student behavior.  Veryl asked if student can be barred for an extended period of time.  Wendy stated that our policy simply states that user may be asked to leave with no specific time period given.

Wendy will place Judy’s copy of the Director’s Report in her folder with financial records until these can be received electronically by Judy.

VII.  Committee Reports- moved to last item on the agenda

VIII.  Old Business- Barbara shared  handouts concerning reference checks for new volunteers and New Trustee Interviews.  Barbara shared questions that would be used when checking references of new volunteers. Barbara distributed document from Coues Global with specific information about volunteer screening.  Board members were asked to review the draft and make modifications so that it can be discussed at the next board meeting.

  1. Assumptions Handout Discussion- Forest shared letter to Town of Darby in response to   orrespondence of Dan Browder to Jeffrey Hays, attorney. Forest discussed election options for mill       levy  at established municipal election primary date of September 15, 2015. He discussed holding election possibly at the library or at the school. He stated that the decision to run standard or mail in election does not have to be determined at this time.
  1. Forest review responses from meeting with Ravalli County Clerk and Recorder on February 2, 2015.
  1. Discussion of Options
  2. Interlocal agreement remains in effect and continue as public library under  authority of city and county.
  3. Interlocal agreement dissolves end of this fiscal year(FY15) and library assumes the identity of independent library district as described and  recommended by County Attorney.
  4. Judy recommended that library board  send letter as a courtesy 90 day notification to town and county that we are becoming a library district  thus dissolving prior interlocal agreement  in accordance     with recommendation of County Attorney to be effective July 1, 2015 with first trustee election in   May 2017.  Barbara moved. Ted seconded.  Board voted to approve formation of library district effective July 1, 2015.
  1. Discussion and Development of schedule and time frame- Board discussed changes to our structure that will need to be addressed as a result of decision to assume the identity of library district. Wendy   shared that Nancy stated our accounting through the Town is through a paid agreement that will not be affected by whether we are designated as public library or independent library district. Judy said we  want to maintain the relationship we have with the town of Darby now.  Forest asked for a formal statement.  Barbara moved that  the Town of Darby continue to serve as our accountant for FY2016. Ted seconded.  Board approved the Clerk of the Town of Darby do accounting for library.

Barbara moved that library holds standard mill levy election on September 15, 2015. Judy seconded.  Board voted and approved September 15,    2015 as the date for the mill levy increase election.

  1. Mill levy increase of 3 mills, as described in last month’s draft resolution with background  information handout, was discussed.  Forest suggested that we make a decision about 3mills. Ted replied that the mills requested will not be enough to cover increasing costs of services.  He suggested 4 or 5 mills. Forest asked for committee to research and determine increase in mills needed with committee to include Barbara and Ted.
  1. Board decision on mills to be levied- Ted and Barbara will distribute their findings a week before the regular meeting in order to make decision at the next regular meeting in March.
  1. Develop schedule and time frame for mill levy campaign will follow decision on mills to be levied.
  1. New Business
  2. Schedule Special Meeting- Board determined no additional meeting was needed.
  1. Tamarack Federation meeting and board representatives- Barbara and Judy will determine if they   can attend this meeting. Wendy will send copy of email concerning background checks to Barbara.
  1. Committee Reports
  2. Landscaping- Forest will prune shrubbery as necessary.  Judy will ask Dan Myers to check shrubs to make sure winter weather is responsible for the shrubbery dying back.
  1. Operational- Wendy will contact Eric Abrahamson, with copy to Judy Estler,  and  contact Summit  Plumbing, if needed, for repair needed in men’s restroom.
  1. Used Bookstore-Ada stated that annual weeding is complete.  Ada shared that with construction and key issues, there have been recent difficulties.  Ada will check on heat per Veryl’s request. Ada   contacted real estate office about key issues. Wendy received board approval allowing Markay to  establish value of archived and old books.
  1. Citizens Advisory- no report.
  1. Public Comment Lee Nelson said thank you for all the hard work put into the mill levy campaign.

XII. Adjournment Forest adjourned meeting at 12:05 PM