Darby Library Board Minutes January 2015

Darby Community Public Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
January 8,   2015
Attendees: Forest Hayes, Chair; Dan Browder, Ted Almgren, Veryl Kosteczko, Regina Plettenberg, Ada Almgren, Herlene Rich, Judy Estler, Barbara Ackerman, Denise Benson, Terry Cook, Choo Turner, Wendy Campbell

I. Call to Order Forest stated that a quorum was established to conduct business and called meeting to order at 10:02 AM

II. Introduce Guests Forest introduced guests from the county office and Friends of the Darby Library.

III. County Attorney information concerning Darby Community Public Library structure and organization:
Dan shared that when the library district was established there was no option to establish the library as a district. Montana Law passed following our formation to create a library district or a public library. The Darby Community Public Library has been adhering to the rules of being a public library although library district better describes our entity. Dan said it is not required that we move ahead as a library district because the law is not clear about how to proceed.
If we proceed as library district as the county attorney recommends, then we would meet with the county commissioners and town council who would dissolve the interlocal agreement and categorize the library as a library district under MT Code 22-1-702. With the interlocal agreement out of effect and acting as library district then we would present our resolution for mill levy increase to the county commissioners to put on the ballot at the next regularly scheduled election. If we proceed using the original interlocal agreement then we would proceed as public library using the MT Code 15-10-425. We would then seek a resolution by the county along with city support, to bring the mill levy increase to a vote by our electors. The question of whether to raise or not raise the mill levy may be put this on the ballot by September 15th primary municipal election with library bearing entire cost. Wendy will determine any changes in funding for public library vs. library district and email differences to board. At board request, Wendy will write thank you letter from Board to Regina and Bill Fullbright with copy to Dan for their presentation, time, and information. Forest moved public comment so that guests were able to comment on the mill levy. There were no additional comments.

IV. Approval of Minutes for December 11, 2014 meeting Judy moved. Ted seconded. Board approved minutes as written.

V. Financial Reports
A. Taxes Received to date- Wendy reviewed taxes received with board using the information provided on the Cash Report.
B. Receipts and Expenditures- Reviewed with amended Expenditure sheet showing expenses moved from Facilities Supplies to Circulation Supplies.
C. Approve Bills and Claims- Judy moved. Barbara seconded. Claims approved as presented.

VI. Directors Report
A. Regular Business- Wendy shared grant information that was added to Directors Notes.
B. Requests for Board Decision- There are no requests for board decision for this meeting.

VII. Correspondence: no correspondence was received.

VIII. Committee Reports
A. Landscaping- no report
B. Operational (men’s restroom)- no report
C. Materials Selection- no report
D. Used Bookstore February 2nd will be weeding. Markay will be at the weeding bringing an associate to scan books and assess their value. Ada stated that additional shelving will be needed and that bookstore needs custodian to sweep and clean restrooms.
E. Citizens Advisory- no report
F. FODL – The Friends had a one day retreat. Bylaws have been revised. Judy will share revised copy with board.

IX. Old Business
A. Background Checks- Barbara suggested that background checks be placed as an item on the Tamarack annual meeting agenda. Barbara suggested we move forward with references checks on existing and/or new volunteers with standard reference questions. Barbara will serve on committee to continue this work putting together a reference question list. Judy moved that we continue forward with Barbara as a committee investigating background checks and preparing reference question list. Ted seconded. Board approved.
B. Mill Levy Proposed Increase Discussion and corresponding impact to homeowners and for library. Ted said charts are not complete and he will miss the January 15th meeting so he suggested that board table the mill levy. Judy suggested letting the decision to change to library district wait until after mill levy. Barbara stated that she liked the straight forward classification of library district. Ted moved to reset date of mill levy to September election with detailed plan. Judy seconded. Board approved. Ted moved to cancel the meeting of January 15th in light of the recent board decision to reset date of mill levy. Barbara seconded. Approved by board. Ted asked that Wendy be informed but not be made the point of contact for the county attorney and for other mill levy details so that secretarial duties to board do not usurp her job of running this library.
C. Mill Levy Presentation- by county attorney was moved to beginning of meeting.
D. Janitor position update- was discussed in Directors Notes and does not require board action.
E. New Trustee- Wendy will request that interested persons contact Barbara Ackerman. Wendy will look for trustee interview questions to share with board members.
F. Review Resolution to amend budget and advertisement schedule tabled until next meeting
G. Salary and Benefit guidelines using Montana libraries- Wendy distributed salary and benefits of similar sized libraries received from the state library. Board member will review for next meeting.

X. New Business
A. Unemployment Insurance Tax Rate increase was shared with board. Director stated that this will make a minor difference on our Expenditure Budget.
B. Distribute and Discuss original Interlocal Agreement and Draft of Resolution for Mill Levy- Board will discuss this at next meeting after review of documents.

XI. Public Comment- No additional public comments were made.
XII. Adjournment Forest adjourned meeting at 12:40 PM