Board Meeting Minutes December 2014

Darby Community Public Library Board of Trustees Minutes December 11,    2014 Attendees:  Forest Hayes, Chair; Ted Almgren, Ada Almgren, Sandra Burner, Judy Estler, Barbara Ackerman, and Wendy Campbell.

I.  Call to Order- Forest called meeting to order at 10 AM. Forest confirmed that a quorum was present to conduct business.

II. Introduce Guests-No guests were present.   III. Approval of Minutes

November 13, 2014- Barbara moved. Judy seconded. Board approved minutes as presented.

November 20, 2014-Judy moved. Ted seconded. Board approved special board meeting minutes.

Financial Reports

Receipts and Expenditures- Wendy reviewed financial reports with board.

Approve  Bills and Claims- Wendy discussed claims. Barbara moved.  Judy seconded.  Board approved claims as    presented.

Directors Report

  1. Regular Business- Barbara suggested that instead of closing the library for Derry’s Memorial Service, the library celebrate  Derry by remaining open and purchase a permanent gift in remembrance.  Judy moved that we put a 9 x 12 plaque in the               library to remember and celebrate Derry Kempf.  Barbara seconded.  Board approved purchase of plaque.
  2. Board resolved that library desk was not for sale. Ted moved.  Barbara seconded.  Board voted to keep antique desk for   library use.  Board discussed carpet cleaning cost of $250-300 for cleaning of high traffic areas in library. Barbara moved. Ted seconded.  Board decided to approve carpet cleaning on January 5th. Board discussed community calendar.  Barbara moved that community calendar be discontinued at the end of this subscription year.  Judy seconded.  Board approved discontinuing calendar after the January edition.

Correspondence Leah Higgins contacted the library about the books left to the library by Norman Dickey.  Ada offered to help with moving the books to the library from Norm’s house

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VII. Committee Reports – Forest decided to move forward with Old and New Business due to time restraints. There were no reports requiring immediate attention.

  1. Landscaping
  2. Operational (men’s restroom)
  3. Materials Selection
  4. Used Bookstore
  5. Citizens Advisory
  6. FODL , Tree Lighting, Christmas Carols, Refreshments Follow up

VIII.   Old Business

  1. Strategic Plan- Ted stated that the mill levy is our greatest priority.  He will resume focus on the remaining pieces of the plan after our mill levy is resolved.
  2. Background Checks- Barbara distributed and reviewed copies of background check summaries. Board members were asked to review and bring back to next meeting with evaluations.
  3. Mill Levy: Impact-Forest distributed impact information to board members to review and discuss at next board meeting.

Mill levy procedure- Library may be required to ask County and City to create the formal resolution for the library to take to  electors for a vote as we have an interlocal agreement of County and City. Forest said this will provide our first formal  presentation to discuss the levy with city and county.  Justification for the mill levy includes maintaining the building, increasing costs of services, and collection development and maintenance Barbara mentioned library wages and benefits  that Wendy will bring to next meeting. Special meeting for decisions regarding mill levy is set for January 15, 2015 at 10 AM.

  1. Revised Mill Levy charts and rough draft of budget-Ted discussed charts and Wendy distributed the draft of a proposed  budget with notes.
  2. Unattended Minor Policy and Responsibilities of Library Users.  Following the review and distribution of proposed policy  changes at the November meeting, Ted moved to approve. Judy seconded. Board approved Unattended Minor Policy. Ted                 moved to approve Responsibility of library users policy.  Barbara seconded. Board approved Responsibility of Library Users Policy.
  3. Review Resolution to amend budget and advertisement schedule was moved to next meeting
  4. Taxable value of library district was discussed.

IX. New Business

  1. Janitor position posting with salary increase was discussed. Barbara moved that janitor position be posted at $9 an hour.  Judy seconded.  Board approved Janitor position salary. Wendy stated her understanding that daily operations and overseeing approved budget expenditures were duties of the director.
  2. Closing 12/13/14 for Derry’s Memorial Service Action Item- As stated in minutes under Director’s Notes, the library will remain open for Derry’s Memorial Service.
  3. Tom Michelli Resignation and Replacement- Ted presented chart created by Ron Birkle showing all library trustees including the terms of service. Tom Michelli’s term of office is scheduled to end in June 2017. Wendy will check    requirements about posting notice of new trustee. Wendy will ask newspaper to run article that we are seeking a new  trustee. Applications will be received until January 22nd at 6 PM. Board will conduct interviews on January 29th from 1-3  PM.
  4. Administrative Issues- Judy stated that Every Door direct mail can be used for mailing levy information at 16.5 cents per letter and 9 cents per postcard.

X. Public Comment- no public comments

XI.  Adjournment- Forest adjourned meeting at 12:26 PM