Board Meeting Minutes November 2014

Darby Community Public Library Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting

November 13, 2014   10 AM- 12 PM in the public meeting room

Attendees: Forest Hayes, Chair; Barbara Ackerman, Tom Michelli, Ted Almgren, Ada Almgren, Veryl Kosteczko, Choo Turner, and Wendy Campbell.  Judy Estler was excused. Cory Johnson was present as a guest from HUB.

  1. Call to Order Forest called meeting to order. Quorum to conduct business was confirmed.
  1. Introduce Guests- Forest introduced Cory Johnson from HUB International to discuss our insurance policy

III. Review of Insurance Policy- Representative of HUB stated that if someone slips at the bookstore then the liability is on the library not the owner of the building.  Director and Officer Liability policy was discussed.  Mr. Johnson stated that the policy covers the board individually and collectively.  Our policy is $1,000,000 and covers one or all up to this maximum amount. Cory will investigate an umbrella policy over the million dollar policy since Tom stated that with current litigation costs a one million dollar policy for one or all of board may not be sufficient. Ted suggested more information be made available for additional coverage. Tom moved.  Ted seconded. Board approved a request for information on an umbrella policy for Director and Officer Liability.

Wendy will determine if personal property amount of $310,500 is sufficient for property insurance. She will create an inventory of library contents and present to Board closer to policy renewal date in August 2015.

Approval of Minutes from October 9, 2014. Barbara moved. Tom seconded. Board approved last month’s minutes as written

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  1. Financial Reports-
  1.   Receipts and Expenditures- Wendy reviewed financial records with board members.
  2.    Approve  Bills and Claims- Tom moved to accept claims as presented. Ted seconded.  Board approved claims as presented.
  3. Discussion of finances- Tom stated that our cash balance has continued to improve during this financial crunch we have experienced over the last two years due to the director's attention and her responsible fiscal oversight.
  1. Director's Report
  2. Regular Business- Wendy was instructed to lock children’s room door in response to increased use door that is marked not an exit.

Wendy shared an update on the Weinberg grant application to replace additional heat exchanger. Wendy will confirm  receipt of application with Weinberg Grant Intake Committee.

  1. Volunteer and Staff Training Tom moved to approve  holidays and trainings.  Barbara seconded. Approved by board as Tamarack Federation Conference Call- Barbara discussed background checks for employees and volunteers with the group.  Action item was created to set up meeting with state library attorney in order to address the issue. Upon suggestion, Wendy will request different meeting format for next fall conference meeting.
  1. Bonus to Employees- Wendy and Forest expressed thanks to Tom Michelli for the staff bonuses donation.  Wendy stated  that formal thank you letter was sent.

VII.  Correspondence- Correspondence this month included thank you to Tom Michelli and Lawns, Etc. A letter was sent to the Howard Rapp Family also.

VIII. Committee Reports

  1. Landscaping- Irrigation lines have been winterized.
  2. Operational (men’s restroom)-Forest will contact Eric Abrahamson
  3. Materials Selection- no report
  4. Used Bookstore- Ada is working to get additional shelving for the large influx of donated materials. Ada also stated that she has added a Christmas display corner.
  1. Citizens Advisory- Group decided to start interviewing after December.  Silvertops purchased, with the help of Herlene  Rich, a device to transcribe audio tapes to disks.
  1. FODL  Tree Lighting- The tree lighting will be held on December 3rd at 6:30 PM.  FODL will put three artificial trees around outside tree as group may no longer use the outdoor tree located under the utility line.  Refreshments will be discussed at a later time by Friends. Sandy will check to confirm LDS choir.  Wendy will put Christmas Tree Lighting event on the website.
  1. Old Business
  2. Draft Strategic Plan Review, Ted will edit and send plan to all.  Tom stated that primary focus of our strategic plan needs to be the mill levy increase.  Ted said section “Develop a plan for requesting additional funds if necessary “, includes the mill levy issue.

Review and approve Executive Director Position and Evaluation Criteria-  Barbara discussed. Ted moved, Tom seconded.

Board approved statement and criteria as presented.

  1. Background Checks, Barbara investigated federal background checks which cost approximately $50 per person and run  through the Department of Justice in Helena.  She added that this procedure , would require an in-house agent to complete  paperwork and submit to the Helena department.  Barbara will share information in writing with board at the next regular  board meeting.
  1. Mill Levy Mechanics, how, what, when and where- Regina Plettenberg  agreed to meet with Ted in mid-December to discuss steps to put mill levy increase on the ballot in May. Choo stated that the Friends would like to be included in that meeting. Carlotta said library needs to be funded to support current level of operations including additional technology and support that is currently needed. Carlotta said we will be setting library up for failure by waiting for January to make a decision.   Carlotta added that we don’t want to let voters know what will be cut if not funded.
  1. Adopt Unattended Minor Policy  and Responsibilities of Library Users reviewed at 10/9/14 meeting. Barbara rewrote and distributed copies for board review.  Barbara shared policy information from Three Forks Community Public Library.  The Three Forks library includes a statement in their policy indicating that law enforcement will be contacted as a last resort.

Barbara suggested we add this statement to our policy. Tom moved, Ted seconded.  All policies were approved with comment as suggested by Barbara.

  1. Review Resolution to amend budget and advertisement schedule- This item was tabled until future meeting.
  1. New Business
  2. Develop parameters to use in developing dollar cost of proposed levy increase-Special Board Meeting scheduled for November 20th at 10 AM to develop parameters in determining mill levy including process, numbers, and timing.  
  1. Christmas Breakfast potluck scheduled for December 11th at 8 AM for board, previous board members, spouses and guests in library meeting room.  Wendy will coordinate as needed.
  1. Administrative Issues- Barbara will send Wendy Carpet Cleaning Contact information to obtain estimate and schedule for January.

Wendy will electronically send all board meeting documents created in her computer on Tuesday or earlier prior to board  meeting.  Wendy will put financial reports in folders by Tuesday at 4 PM.

  1. Public Comment- no comments

XII. Adjournment Forest adjourned meeting at 12:30 PM