September 11, 2014 board meeting minutes

Darby Community Public Library Minutes
Board of Trustees Meeting October 9,  2014 10 AM in the public meeting room
Attendees: Forest Hayes,  Ted Almgren, Ada Almgren, Veryl Kosteczko, Judy Estler, Barbara Ackerman, Lee Nelson, Tom Michelli, and Wendy Campbell.

I. Call to Order Forest called meeting to order at 10:01

II. Introduce Guests Forest welcomed guests.

III. Approval of Minutes from September 11, 2014 Barbara moved, Judy seconded. Board voted to approve as written.

IV. Financial Reports
A. Financial Reports- Budget to Actual Reports were discussed. Wendy answered questions concerning Receipts and Expenditures.
B. Approve Claims- CenturyLink bills were discussed. The bills are listed as claims and then reconciled showing credits received for the charges. Barbara moved. Judy seconded. Board voted to approve claims as listed.

V. Directors Report Questions- Tom moved. Barbara seconded. Board voted to approve staff and volunteer training on Wednesday, October 22nd with library open hours from 2 – 6 PM


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. Correspondence- Board signed thank you letter to Herlene Rich. Wendy shared the donation letter from the Friends of the Darby Library.

VII. Committee Reports
A. Landscaping- Forest stated that he is trying to save one of our trees located northwest of the library ` entrance.
B. Operational- Todd Hunter of Aspen HVAC has replaced water regulator gauge. We have not received a bill for this service.
C. Materials Selection- no report
D. Used Bookstore- Bookstore revenue for September was $778
E. Citizens Advisory- Veryl described oral project history. With the 10 week time limit on the equipment loan from the state library, Veryl has decided to purchase camera to do this as an extended project. Herlene is checking with state library to make sure the formats used for saving and storing data are compatible.
F. FODL – no report

VIII. Old Business
A. Northwestern Energy Grant Award- Wendy shared award letter from Vicki Steele. According to the grant information, we will need to complete repairs in this fiscal year.
B. Rodeo fundraiser dinner- $1,442 was raised through teamwork of Friends, library director with the leadership of Bill and Robin at Darby Wine and Spirits. Thank you notes have been sent to the Friends and Bill and Robin for all their hard work. A thank you also to Kathy Honey and Evelyn Savochka for supplying cookies.
C. Strategic Planning, review and committee assignments- Handouts were distributed. Barbara stated that the financial issues we face need to be our primary concern. Forest asked Tom and Ted to work together to tailor the strategic plan. Ted said he will put together a rough draft and Tom will provide input. Draft will be brought to remainder of board next month for additional review.
D. Magazine Drive- Wendy shared that all magazines were donated with the exception of High Country News.
E. Value of One Mill Forest shared information about the value of a mill.
F. Options for Mill Levy Language Forest explained that we can state either dollars sought or mills requested. Forest suggested we follow North Valley Public Library example and seek dollar amount particularly with decline in property values and re-evaluation of property in the next year. Ted advised board to include library needs. Needs were discussed including maintenance, library cleaning, adequate compensation for staff, library operations increasing cost, and book/ library material purchasing. More discussion followed about the levy. Ted agreed to meet with Regina and get step-by- step instructions on what the board needs to do.
G. Director Position Descriptions were placed in employee section of manual. Wendy also distributed new Table of Contents that includes planned giving policy.
H. Background Checks Update- Barbara discussed system used at Bitterroot Public Library. Barbara suggested that we use a similar system. Barbara stated that she will bring created documents and forms to the board for approval.
I. Policy Revision Update- Barbara reviewed Unattended Dependents Policy and Responsibility of Library Users, and presented a written notice concerning minors in the library. The revised copy will be presented for board vote at our next board meeting in November. Board will put on next month’s agenda.
J. Executive Director Position Description and Evaluation- Barbara shared that Judy, Barbara and Wendy reviewed and edited form. Barbara will edit, ask Ted to review, and bring to the next board meeting for approval.

IX. New Business
A. Continuing Certification for Library Director- Forest shared Library Director continuing education certification announcement listing the credits Wendy has received by completing workshops and classes.
B. Friends of the Darby Library thank you letter-Letter to the Friends was shared with members of the board before sending to the Friends of the Darby Library President. The letter affirms the Friends request to place the donation of $6400 in the following:
3,300 in circulation for purchase of library materials and sharing collection
1,487 for technical services including computer program subscriptions and repair service
1,613 for supplies to support programs and library activities
C. Tamarack Federation Conference Call October 16, 2014 at 6 PM. Barbara and Ted will attend conference call.
D. Local Office Holders insert for Trustee Manuals In response to request by Barbara and Forest, Wendy distributed an information sheet of local office holders. Ted asked Wendy to update after November election.
E. Administrative Issues-
1. Wendy asked Veryl to answer questions for the Stillwater County library concerning changes in costs and resources since the 2004 opening.
2. Wendy stated that a resolution will be needed in order to amend budget so that recent grants awards increasing revenue and expenditures may be incorporated. Wendy will send draft of Resolution 26 to board in electronic form for review.
3. Barbara requested that our liability insurance representative come to share information regarding our coverage. Forest Hayes stated that he will arrange this meeting.

X. Public Comment- no public comment

XI. Adjournment Forest adjourned meeting at 12:10 PM