September 2014 Special Board Meeting Minutes

Darby Community Public Library
Public Comment and Special Library Board Meeting
September 3,  2014

Attendees: Forest Hayes, Chair; Tom Michelli,   Barbara Ackerman, Wendy Campbell and guest Ron Birkle.
Quorum was present to conduct library business.

I. Meeting opened for public comment at 10:00 AM by Forest Hayes.
Ron asked why there was no reconciled budget sheet created for the FY 2013-14. Forest stated that the Budget to Actuals Financial Report, the report generated by our bookkeeper at city hall, contains the information needed.

Birkle asked why format of budget. etc., was changed from last year. Hayes replied that different individuals were doing the budget.

Ron pointed out that amount of cash fund is incorrect and should show shadowed claims that were not reflected in General Operating Fund. General Operating Cash for FY2014-15 needs to be reduced to reflect shadowed claims at end of last fiscal year. Forest and Tom explained that any funds remaining from last year, form our operating cash to be used until our property tax monies are received in December.

Ron stated that private library grants cannot include the Farmers State Bank grant award received last year. Wendy explained that, following last year’s example, we do not adjust the expected revenue from library private grants as we are likely to receive additional grants this year. Director reviewed the Budget vs. Actuals Financial Report FY 13-14 showing the changes to library private grants and contributions/donations that are inevitable every year yet do not impact the Miscellaneous Revenue category in which they are included.

Ron suggested that Wendy check subtotals to ensure revenue and expenditure totals are exact. Wendy will make changes if needed.

II. Resolution 24- Tom moved to approve resolution 24. Barbara seconded. Board voted to approve.

III. Resolution 25 and FY2014-15 Budget- Barbara moved to adopt budget and approve resolution 25. Tom seconded. Board voted to approve mills levied and adopt budget.

IV. Adjournment- Barbara moved. Tom seconded. Board voted to adjourn. Forest adjourned meeting at 11:04 AM.