August 14, 2014 meeting minutes

Darby Community Public Library
Board of Trustees Meeting August 14,   2014 10 AM in the public meeting room
Attendees: Forest Hayes,   Chair; Tom Michelli, Ted Almgren, Judy Estler, Barbara Ackerman, Wendy Campbell, Ada Almgren and guests Marty Stromberg, Susan Borresen, Nancy Gee, and Carlotta Grandstaff.

I. Call to Order- Forest called meeting to order at 10:01 AM

II. Introduce Guests- Forest introduced leaders from the Darby AA Group

III. Darby Group Conference Room Use- Marty asked to clarify issues about the conference room policy specifically if their AA group was meeting policy requirements. She requested and received copy of the policy. Verbal complaint was discussed concerning person who picked up a key for the Darby Group. This complaint from a community member was discussed by Darby Group and Library Board. Marty explained the AA program and recovery including following steps, opening meetings, and community service. Forest addressed the group stating that he doesn’t believe the key should be issued to a particular member. Board reaffirmed policy that responsibility of the key rests with group using conference room, and it is at their discretion as to the specific person assigned to pick up the key.

IV. Minutes
A. Approval of Minutes 7/8/14. Forest presented minutes for approval. Barbara moved. Judy seconded. Board approved minutes as written.

B. Approval of Minutes 7/16/14. Forest presented minutes for approval. Judy moved. Tom seconded. Board approved minutes as written.

V. Financial Reports
A. End FY 13/14 Balance and Carryover. Wendy shared information on 2013-14 budget

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. She stated that we are awaiting an updated final financial report that will include CenturyLink charges from June 2014.

B. Receipts and Expenditures. Wendy and Forest reviewed financial reports.

C. Approve Claims. Claims were approved as presented.

D. Review Proposed Budget FY 2014/15. Wendy reviewed corrections based on paperwork received through Nancy from county. Board members discussed each preparing a list of additional prioritized budget cuts to be made if necessary.

VI. Directors Report
A. Regular Business- Wendy asked for any questions regarding the Directors Notes sent to the board.

B. Volunteer and Staff Training update was included in Directors Notes

C. Background information for mill levy increase to create library talking points- Due to lack of time, Wendy stated that she would send additional information to the board by email to be discussed at the next board meeting.

D. ArtRageous month in November- Forest asked if this would require staff time. Director responded that yes it would require some staff time. Director added that she would seek volunteer leader for the project to reduce staff work time.

VII. Correspondence- Forest sent letter to Regina Plettenberg to request help with implementing a mill levy.

VIII. . Committee Reports
A. Landscaping- no report

B. Operational- no report

C. Materials Selection- no materials have been purchased in the new fiscal year.

D. Used Bookstore- Newspaper article was great exposure for the bookstore.

E. Citizens Advisory Veryl suggested that board write letter of appreciation to Ron Birkle since he does not want a retirement reception. Veryl stated that the history of the library is almost complete.

F. FODL – no report.

IX. Old Business
A. Planned Giving Policy, Review and approval- Judy and Barbara worked on editing policy together. Ted moved. Barbara seconded. Board voted to adopt Planned Giving Policy. Barbara and Judy will continue to work on Planned Giving together. Judy will send electronic copy to Wendy. Wendy will put in policy manual and on website.

B. Master Key Access and sign out- Veryl stated that board originally ran the library warranting need for board members to hold master keys to library. Veryl stated that now a director has been hired to run the library. Ted stated that board is on the deed and board owns the library. Veryl responded that board holds deed; however, if library folds, ownership reverts to county. Wendy shared that this issue of building access is not specific to new trustee having a master key. Rather, with a new trustee added to the board it is an appropriate time to discuss access and use of library outside library hours of operation. Tom moved to issue master key to new library trustee as all other board members have access. Judy seconded. Board voted to issue key. Director requested that board members let her know if they will be entering building outside of open library hours. Board affirmed director’s need to complete tasks outside of library open hours.

C. Limited Key Access and sign out. Forest shared information about limited access to lobby and meeting room.

D. Mill Levy Mechanics: how, what when, and where- Ted shared information from and requested that someone serve as representative.

E. Planning Report from Lauren McMullen, State Library Representative- Report will be discussed at future board meeting.

F. Strategic Planning, review and committee assignments. Barbara shared Bitterroot Plan and distributed for board to review. This will be discussed next month.

G. FY 15 Budget Schedule and Strategy- Nancy from town hall told director that library must approve new budget and complete resolution to indicate number of mills to be received in the upcoming year within thirty days of town receiving county documentation which was on July 28, 2014. Wendy stated that this task was completed by Ron Birkle as board chair in previous years. A special board meeting to receive public input and adopt new budget was set for August 27, 2014 at 9 AM. Tom Michelli stated that he will be unavailable for that meeting.

H. Volunteer Dinner Update. Forest shared update. Forest and Ted will help prepare for the event.

I. Background Checks Update Wendy reported on Bitterroot Public Library stating that they conduct their own background checks using the internet and local law enforcement data. Barbara will make contact with John Ringer at the Marshal’s office to request his assistance.

X. New Business

A. Tenth anniversary was discussed. Wendy shared volunteer suggestions from volunteer meeting that was shared with board during February board meeting. Board discussed suggestions and recommended an Open House on September 23rd with food and cake to celebrate anniversary. Leadership for this event was not determined.

B. Barbara presented consent agenda to board for future meetings. Board agreed by consensus to follow the revised agenda which would place the Director’s Notes in the consent agenda. Consent agenda will be discussed further at the next board meeting.

XI. Public Comment- Carlotta Grandstaff said that she was very pleased to see that agreement was made to seek a mill levy increase. Carlotta said she was willing to work as a liaison since she has worked with Regina at the county office as well as on other mill levies. She stated that the board has done a great job to build this library, and now the library is at phase two, needing to secure adequate funding. Speaking as a part-time library staff person, she shared the increased patron need for assistance citing increased use means increased requests for help adding that requests for computer and device help continues to increase as well. She stated that the library has experienced an increasing level of activity for the last ten years and our support from revenue has not increased commensurately. Tom, responding to Carlotta’s request, stated that library seeks a mill levy increase to secure funding for the current level of operations at the library.

XII. Adjournment Forest adjourned meeting at 12:43 PM.