July 8, 2014 board meeting minutes

Darby Community Public Library
Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
July 8, 2014

Attendees: Forest Hayes, Chair; Barbara Ackerman, Tom Michelli, Ted Almgren, Ada Almgren, Ron Birkle, Wendy Campbell, Judy Estler, and guest John Ringer
I. Call to Order- Forest called meeting to order at 9:05 AM.

II. Introduce Guests- John Ringer, new police officer in Darby, introduced himself and shared information with board.

III. Welcome New Trustee- Forest welcomed Ted Almgren to the board.

IV. Election of Officers for period 7/1/14 thru 6/30/15- Ted nominated Forest as Chairperson for upcoming year. Barbara seconded. Ted nominated Barbara as Vice-Chairperson for upcoming year. Tom seconded. Forest Hayes was elected as Chairperson and Barbara was elected as Vice-Chairperson by unanimous vote of board.

V. Approval of Minutes June 12, 2014 Trustee Meeting- Ted moved. Tom seconded. Minutes were approved as written.

VI. Financial Reports- Wendy reviewed financial reports with board members. Barbara moved to accept claims to be paid. Ted seconded. Claims were approved to be paid as presented.

VII. Director’s Report Wendy shared information from her report. Board discussed placing donation jar in library at patron’s request, and determined this would set a precedent for which the library cannot commit. Wendy was asked to investigate yearly cost for our FAX machine.

VIII. Correspondence- Wendy shared note she received with a generous $1,000 donation.

IX. Committee Reports
A. Landscaping Forest has been working with irrigation, weeds, etc.
B. Operational – Wendy discussed recent issues with security system, telephone, FAX, as well as power shutoff outside building.
C. Materials Selection no report
D. Used Bookstore no report
E. Citizens Advisory no report
F. FODL (Wine Tasting Event) Judy reported that Wine and All That Jazz netted $8034 with 109 people attendance.
X. Old Business
A. FY 2015 Budget Review- Special board meeting was scheduled for next Wednesday, July 16th, at 9 AM to review budget.
B. Director Evaluation Update- Forest asked Barbara and Judy to work together to develop criteria for evaluating director in the future
C. Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Update- Board signed up to bring items for the barbecue.
D. Volunteer and Staff Training Update- Volunteer and Staff training is set for Wednesday, July 23 rd.
E. Strategic Planning Schedule- Facilitator led meeting - Forest will contact FODL, mayor and council about attending planning meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 24th from 9AM- 12:30 PM

F. Tamarack Meeting - . Barbara discussed meeting and showed form that board can review at a future time. Barbara stressed that other libraries thought it imperative background checks are completed for staff and volunteers especially those working with children.

XI. New Business
A. Strategic Planning Strategies and Questions. Distribute Form. Ted distributed strategic plan information. Ted reviewed handouts. Ted will review in detail at special board meeting on Wednesday, the 16th.
B. Review schedule of meetings- upcoming meetings were reviewed.
D. Public Library Standards explanation, review, and distribution of forms- Wendy distributed form and asked board to let her know if more information was needed.
E. Patron Complaint- Wendy discussed patron complaint and her response. Forest stated that he was pleased with the way this was handled.
F. Planned Giving- Judy wrote planned giving policy and shared with board. She also stated that she presented FODL with a similar policy that FODL approved. Forest suggested all members take policy home to review and prepare to discuss and determine whether to make this board policy

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XII. Public Comment- No public comment.

XIII. Adjournment Forest adjourned meeting at 11:11 AM