June 12 board meeting minutes

Darby Community Public Library
Board of Trustees
June 12,  2014 Minutes
10 AM in the library meeting room
Attendees: Forest Hayes, Ron Birkle, Tom Michelli, Ada Almgren, Ted Almgren, Veryl Kosteczko, Judy Estler, and Wendy Campbell

I. Call to Order- Forest called the meeting to order at 10 AM

II. Introduce Guests- Forest stated that no guests were present.

III. Approval of Minutes from May 8, 2014 Judy moved, Ron seconded. Minutes from May 8, 2014 were approved as written.

IV. Financial Reports- Wendy reviewed all financial reports

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. Ron moved to accept claims to be paid as presented. Judy seconded. Claims were approved for payment.

V. Director’s Report
Book drop box- Wendy discussed security issues with drop box. Judy and Forest stated that drop box should be enclosed. Wendy will ask Dick Estler if he is willing to construct a drop box later this summer.
Ron stated that each group’s representative has signed the contract for conference room use. The representative is responsible for determining who may pick up key for their group meeting.

VI.Correspondence- Forest received confirmation from county and letter from Town of Darby approving Ted Almgren as new library board member.

VII. Committee Reports
A. Landscaping-  Forest has sprinklers set for three times per week. Forest and Judy will make decision about weed problem in northwest corner.
B. FODL Judy will give report for planned giving next month.

VIII. Old Business
A. Updated Policy - Approvals for revised complaint policy. Tom moved, Judy seconded. Board voted three to one for revised policy. Revised Complaint policy was accepted.
B. Director Evaluation Update- Forest stated that board has been asked for their evaluations of director.
C. Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Update- Forest stated that appreciation dinner will be discussed closer to the event date.
D. Trustee appointment(s) update- Forest stated that both entities have approved. Trustees stated that they appreciate the hard work and dedication of Ron Birkle. Forest asked Ron to talk to Sue and get back to him about a good time for a retirement reception.

IX. New Business
A. Budget amendment- Ron stated that a budget amendment is not necessary until end of fiscal year.
B. Report on Tamarack Meeting: Wendy shared information about meeting. Barbara will share additional information at the next meeting.
C. Last Friday Events Restrooms- Wendy discussed Last Friday group’s need for another restroom during their events. Ron mentioned that a group may be using the conference room and that would interfere with their privacy and conference room use. Judy moved to deny access to restrooms during event due to the prescheduled conference room use. Ron seconded. Board voted to deny request for library restroom access during event due to prescheduled conference room use.

D. Strategic Planning Schedule- Board consensus was to call in an outside facilitator from the state library for a planning meeting on July 24th from 9-12:30 PM. In a discussion concerning future planning, Judy said we know we want to maintain our current level of services. Board members were all in agreement in desire to maintain current level of services. It was stated that we may not know what we want in five years. Tom stated that our plan is to maintain library at current level of activity and operation knowing that costs will increase every year to maintain that current level of activity. Ted Almgren stated a desire to work on strategic planning for the library.

E. Library Budget and hours of operation discussion- Wendy stated that the budget rough draft she is distributing to board reflects a decrease in hours of operation
F. Staff and Volunteer training- Judy moved to allow closure until 1 PM for one Wed in July. Ron seconded. Board approved library closure for staff and volunteer training.
G. Public Comment Library Board meeting at night was proposed by Forest. With that in mind, Forest also suggested categorizing library director as executive salaried position.

Veryl has completed history of the library which is now being edited.

Veryl stated that oral history project is tentatively scheduled to begin in August. Darby Partners for the project will include Darby Ranger Station providing space and technology help, Darby Silvertops, Darby Descendants, and Darby Public Schools, along with Small Town Renaissance MT study group providing time and support.

X. Adjournment Forest adjourned meeting at 12 PM.