Library Board Minutes May 8, 2014

Board of Trustees Meeting
Thursday, May 8,  2014
10:00 A.M.
Library Community Room
Attendees: Forest Hayes, Ron Birkle, Tom Mitchell, Ada Almgren, Ted Almgren, Veryl Kosteczko, Judy Estler, Barbara Ackerman, and Wendy Campbell
I. Call to Order Forest called meeting to order at 10:02 AM
II. Introduce Guests Forest introduced guests.
III. Approval of Minutes April 10, 2014 Meeting. Ron moved the minutes be accepted as written. Barbara seconded. Minutes were approved as written.

IV. Financial Reports
A. Balance, Receipts and Expenditures- Wendy reviewed reports with board. She will talk to Nancy about interest payments on the revenue report.
B. Approve Bills- Tom moved to accept claims. Barbara seconded. Claims were approved as presented. Wendy will investigate Western Business Equipment charges.

V. Director’s Report- Ada reported that she is scheduled to meet today with Victoria about adult computer classes. The board would like to include children’s games in the park as part of the Summer Reading Program Kick-Off. Wendy will send announcement to the newspaper of the library’s voting information display.
VI. Correspondence- Forest shared new trustee interest letter submitted by Ted Almgren.
VII. Committee Reports
A. Landscaping- Forest will replace the broken sprinkler head and then Wendy will open water for irrigation. Lawns Etc was asked to prune shrubbery, remove shrub, fertilize and weed control of borders except for juniper. It was suggested that Forest be given authority to make decisions on landscaping. Judy moved, Ron seconded for Forest to make decision about landscaping issues. Board voted four to one in favor of Forest taking responsibility for landscaping issues and decisions.
B. Operational- Exterior lighting was discussed. Veryl mentioned that dusting of beams is needed. She asked if job corps still did indoor cleaning. Forest added that job corps has a lift.
C. Materials Selection- Wendy will work with group to ensure that board policy is followed in our materials selection process. Wendy stated that Carlotta will serve as a coordinator of MS
D. Used Book Store- Ada said that volunteers will begin weeding bookstore materials tomorrow.
E. Citizens Advisory – Veryl stated that she and Peggy are interested in recording oral histories through MSL Story Corps program. Veryl will ask Silvertops and other groups to partner in this.

VIII. Old Business
A. Policies- Barbara and Wendy reviewed the complaint policy. Barbara proposed a new policy to cover general complaints. Board will review and vote upon next month.
B. Computer Classes-Ada reported that Victoria will contact her about adult computer classes today. Wendy said to break out cost
C. Barbara said there will be no tutoring during the summer.
D. New Trustee- Ron said only one candidate has responded by the end date of 6 PM on 5/7/14. Ron asked if we need to approve this. Forest said we have to give public notice and hold a meeting to make a decision about the recommendation for new trustee. Board will post 24 hour meeting notice for a 3 PM meeting, on Friday, the 9th, to confirm recommendation for the new library trustee.
E. Forest stated that he and Wendy will meet with county commissioners next Wednesday.
F. Wendy and Barbara will attend the Tamarack Federation meeting next week.

IX. New Business
Planned Giving Report -Judy spoke to Diane Thomas-Rupert. Friends met and agreed that if this policy was approved Friends would receive monies using their 501c3 status and write a check to the library. Attorney will provide information that money is designated. Judy said that the planned giving procedure would allow these funds to pass through the Friends as library and FODL policies can specify. Forest asked Judy to draft a policy for Planned Giving and submit at our next meeting.

X. Adjournment Forest adjourned meeting at 12:00 PM