Board Of Trustees Meeting Thursday, April 10, 2014

Darby Community Public Library
Board Of Trustees Meeting
Thursday,  April 10, 2014

Attendees: Barbara Ackerman, Vice-Chair; Ron Birkle, Tom Michelli, Ada Almgren, Veryl Kosteczko, Lee Nelson, Judy Estler, and Wendy Campbell.

I. Call to Order- Barbara called meeting to order at 10:01 AM. Barbara introduced Lee Nelson as a guest and the representative of the Friends of the Darby Library.

II. March 13, 2014 Minutes-Ron moved, Tom seconded. Minutes were approved as finalized.

III. Financial Reports and Claims- Ron moved, Judy seconded. Amended claims and March
Claims were approved as written.


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. Director’s Report-
Ada offered to assist with the refreshments for the Cowboy Poetry Event.

Lowell and Ted were volunteered for the Easter Egg Hunt set up at Tin Cup Park on
Saturday, April 19th.

Wendy shared information about CD player. Judy suggested we wait for Peggy in order to follow-up with churches after letter is sent.

Judy agreed to read book on planned giving and speak with Diane Thomas-Rupert about planned giving for the library.

Board consensus was in favor of Bitterroot College computer classes for a Bitterroot College fee held at the library.

Judy asked Wendy to talk to Robin at Darby Wine and Spirits about helping to create baskets.
At Ron’s request, Wendy will contact Western Business Equipment to ensure that the copier purchased will not be obsolete in three years.

Veryl expressed an interest in the StoryCorps Project. She will discuss this opportunity with Derry and Peggy.

V. Correspondence- Barbara stated that Wendy sent thank you to Lawns Etc.

VI. Committees
A. Landscaping- Judy said that spring cleaning is needed. Barbara will ask Lawns, Etc. about spring cleaning
B. Operational- Lowell and Derry replaced light bulbs. We will need to purchase fluorescent tube light bulbs. Lowell purchased air filters for the heating system.
C. Materials Selection Committee- Wendy shared with Barbara and others that Materials Selection Committee will be coordinated by Carlotta. The new arrangement requires coordination by a staff person.
D. Library Bookstore- a bookstore cleanup is being scheduled. Ada will work with Barbara, who has agreed to help, to schedule a date for the weeding and cleaning.
E. FODL- Barbara thanked FODL for college prep books for the library. Lee shared information about Wine and all that Jazz which is scheduled for June 19th at Stardust Ranch.

VII. Old Business
A. Updated Policy Approvals-Tom moved. Judy seconded. Updated Policies were approved as presented. Wendy distributed copies to board. Ron asked Wendy to make sure all conference room user groups signed new conference room policy form. Wendy explained process for this to Ron.
B. SAT test- Barbara shared information about upcoming SAT practice at the library on May 9th.
C. Barbara discussed Complaint Policy that was missed in our review. She will investigate and present at next meeting.
D. Barbara will attend Tamarack meeting. Judy is unable to attend this year.
E. Board of Trustees Candidates-Ron stated that his term ends in June and he will be leaving the board at that time. Tom will be moving and leaving board at the end of June as well. The trustee replacement for Ron is for a five year term and the replacement for Tom will be for three years to finish his term.
E. Judy shared information about Amazon Smile a service to which she has subscribed the library as benefactor. She has asked for library to create a bookmark about to share with library users as well as insert in community

VIII. Barbara adjourned at 11:55 AM