Board Meeting Minutes March 13, 2014

January 9, 2014 board meeting minutes

January 27,  2014 Special Board Meeting “Forward in Fourteen” minutes and attachment

February 12, 2014 board meeting minutes
January 9,  2014 board meeting minutes

January 27, 2014 Special Board Meeting “Forward in Fourteen” minutes and attachment

February 12, 2014 board meeting minutes
January 92014 board meeting minutes

January 27, 2014 Special Board Meeting “Forward in Fourteen” minutes and attachment

February 12, 2014 board meeting minutes
Board of Trustees Meeting
Thursday, March 13, 2014
10:00 A.M.
Library Community Room

Attendees: Forest Hayes,Chair; Barbara Ackerman, Ron Birkle, Tom Michelli, Judy Estler, Sandra Burner, Marie Myers, Ada Almgren, Veryl Kosteczko, Choo Turner, and Wendy Campbell.

I. Call to Order- Forest called meeting to order at 10:04 AM

II. Introduce Guests- Forest introduced all guests.

III. Approval of Minutes February 12, 2014 Meeting- Ron moved that the minutes be accepted. Barbara seconded. Minutes from February meeting were approved as written.

IV. Financial Report- Wendy reviewed Balance, Receipts and Expenditures, and Claims Report. Tom moved to accept, Judy Estler seconded. Financial reports were approved as presented.

V. Director’s Report- Wendy will contact Parmly-Billings Public Library Foundation for more information about planned giving. Tom said that information received from giver should be clear including fund designation to Friends or to library for direct support. Ron stated that we have started the process of creating a plan for planned giving. Board reached consensus to begin plan for planned giving

. Wendy will gather information about process and bring to Board and Friends group.

Judy and Barbara will check their calendars for availability in order to attend Tamarack Federation meeting in Big Fork on May16-17.

Wendy described what has been done to prepare for the Online Book Club. Wendy shared that this is a new piece of the Humanities Montana Book Clubs we sponsor through the library. Wendy will use flyers to get the word out about the Online Book Series in addition to posting on website and facebook.

Wendy will contact Russ Lawrence about articles on the 10th year celebration of the Darby Community Public Library. It was suggested that Russ be asked to do 10 articles on many different areas including library history. Wendy was asked to put together list of contacts for Russ.

Judy moved, Barbara seconded, and Reloading Class was approved by Board to be held in the community meeting room.

Forest stated that, although the CD player checkout may be a good service, the director does not have time to implement it and will need to delegate responsibilities to the volunteer helping to get the service started. Ron asked Wendy to change flyer to highlight this as a new service offered to the homebound.

VI. Correspondence – Forest sent letter to the Friends of the Darby Library. Forest discussed response to letter from Friends including Friends agreement to allocate $2,700 for heat pump repair and $ 2,300 for purchase of new copier. Discussion followed. Judy stated that Friends hoped to be involved when we developed 2014-15 budget to provide funds were needed. Marie stated that the letter was a great welcome to the Friends.

VII. Committee Reports
A. Landscaping- Forest stated that we have a dead tree on the library lawn that he will take care of when he returns in two months.
B. Operational- Wendy stated that Lowell noticed six exterior light bulbs need to be replaced. Lowell has also noticed need for pressure or other type washing of sand on sidewalks. Forest asked that Lowell not do pressure washing at this time.
C. Materials Selection- Wendy shared update on Material Selection Committee. Barbara shared catalog for college preparation books with groups. Wendy will find out how many college preparation materials are owned by the high school. Barbara will then work with Friends to determine need for purchasing useful materials.
D. Used Book Store- Ada discussed lack of parking at bookstore due to snow and lack of plowing.
E. FODL- FODL will hold Wine Fest on June 19th . The theme is Wine and All That Jazz. Event will include entertainment by a jazz band. FODL is still investigating a venue for the event.
VIII. Old Business
A. Updated Policy Approvals. Judy moved to approve policies. Tom seconded. Policies were accepted as presented.
B. Policy Reviews- Judy presented proposed changes to board policy. The board agreed by consensus to proposed changes of board policies.
C. Forward in Fourteen Meeting February 24th Review. Barbara suggested Forward in Fourteen meeting group become a standing committee where members vote and then make recommendations to the board. Ron said that the committee meeting time will still need to be posted 48 hours in advance.
D. Report on Meeting with potential math tutor. Retired math teacher, Bill Sweet, has agreed to tutor students in the library in addition to volunteer tutoring services offered by Barbara Ackermen.

IX. New Business
Barbara suggested a junior board, comprised of middle through high school aged students, for the library. She added that this group could serve as a committee of the board.

Tom said we need to seek a mill levy increase and, we need to seek stakeholders support as a first priority during the initial stakeholder meetings. Friends group members shared discussion information of a mill levy increase from their meeting in response to the Forward in Fourteen February meeting. Sandy and Judy discussed distributing candy bars to show the insignificant amount of money a mill costs a taxpayer. Judy said we need to take a very graphic, simple, folksy presentation to the general public. Tom and Forest agreed to speak with some groups. Tom and Forest agreed that it is the responsibility of board to organize this effort.

X. Adjournment Forest adjourned meeting at 12:14 PM