Board Meeting Minutes February 12, 2014

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Wednesday,  February 12,  2014 1:00PM in the Library Meeting Room

Attendees: Forest Hayes, Chair; Ron Birkle, Judy Estler, Barbara Ackerman, and FODL representative Marie Myers. Wendy Campbell served as secretary.

I. Call to Order- Forest called meeting to order at 1 PM
II. Introduce Guests- Forest introduced Marie Myers as representative of the Friends Of the Darby Library. Marie said the new Friends board seeks to work together with the library board so that both groups can move forward as a cohesive team in the best interest of the library.
III. Approval of Minutes January 9, 2014. Judy moved, Barbara seconded. Minutes were approved as written.
IV. Financial Report
A. Balance
1. Current- Wendy reviewed report. Ron answered question identifying Transfers In column on our Cash Reports as money that transfers in through town.
2. Projection of Expenses 1/1/14-6/30/14-Forest reviewed the estimated expenses. Discussion included FODL donation. Forest shared that he is working with director and FODL to get donation details in writing. It was mentioned that initial intention was an undesignated donation that was used in 2013-14 budget proposal. Forest stated in reviewing financial information that we need to be aware that Ada and the bookstore contribute to our unrestricted funds. Barbara requested information from the last five years for staff position weekly work hours as well as total weekly hours of operation. Ron suggested budgets found in the board records and personnel files as sources of information.
B. Receipts and Expenditures- Wendy reviewed with trustees.
C. Approve Bills- Barbara moved, Ron seconded. Claims were approved to be paid as presented.
V. Director’s Report- Wendy reviewed with trustees. Concerning the Excellence in Library Services Award, Wendy will ask state library to clarify some of the board recommendations and suggestions to accomplish specific objectives. Wendy will report to the board at the next meeting. Ron requested that Wendy post minutes on the website only after approval of board and post agenda on the website prior to the board meeting. Concerning director comp time, Ron stated that the library employee policies do not require a 1.5 hour match for work beyond forty hours.
VI. Correspondence- Forest stated there was no correspondence to report this month
VII. Committee Reports
A. Landscaping- No report.
B. Operational- Al Hamilton recently donated a small snow blower. Lowell used large snow blower to remove snow from staff area parking lot.
C. Materials Selection- Wendy stated that the new Materials Selection Committee consists of four members: Lowell Baltz, Carlotta Grandstaff, Elise Behnke, and Jerrica Spross. Barbara moved, Judy seconded for director to resume purchasing materials for the library.

VIII. Old Business
A. Updated Policy Approvals- Judy moved, Barbara seconded. Policies were approved as presented at December 2013 and January 2014 meetings.
B. Policy Reviews- Barbara presented proposed changes to certain library policies. Judy reviewed additional policies requiring no changes and proposed dates be revised only. Ron moved that changes proposed by Barbara be accepted at the next board meeting. Judy seconded. All proposals were accepted as presented.
IX. New Business
A. Disposal of excess property proposal- Wendy discussed mobile metal AV rack that can no longer contain the growing AV collection. Wendy was advised to make arrangements for disposal of the cart.
B. Heating Pump Repair Estimate- Ron suggested putting this in budget for next year as similar repairs may be needed on the remaining two units in the near future. Barbara moved that board move forward with repairs needed, Judy seconded. Board will move forward with repair. Wendy will ask Sandy to put on the agenda for the next FODL meeting explaining what we are doing to address emergency. Wendy will also discuss with FODL the possibility of their financial assistance for this unexpected expense.
C. Recognize 10th Anniversary on September 23, 2014- Forest mentioned upcoming celebration.
D. Forward in Fourteen Special Board Meeting
1. Special Meeting Notes and Ideas will be brought forward for review and approval at the next Forward in Fourteen meeting on February 24, 2014
2. Preparation for next meeting on February 24, 2014 Judy suggested meeting consist of more idea brainstorming and birthday celebration suggestions. Ron suggested doing a special meeting with only students and one with senior citizens for specific input. Judy reiterated that we focus on brainstorming ideas without discussion at next meeting.

E. Donation challenge announced at MT Study was discussed.
F. Donation/Gift Recognition- Wendy will bring donations to board’s attention with a thank you note for board or board chair to sign.
G. Tutoring through the library is very popular. Peggy Smith suggested former Math teacher Bill Sweet. Wendy will arrange a meeting between Barbara and other potential tutor, Bill Sweet, at the library.

X. Forest adjourned meeting at 3:25 PM